Design Philosophy
Everything starts with the foot

Design Philosophy

Our design is guided by the fundamental principle of functionalism: that form should follow function. And shoes should follow the foot. That’s why every single one of our designs begins with the foot.



Because leather quality is crucial to shoemaking, we only accept the finest leather. That’s why we make our own. Get a glimpse of how we do it.

Insisting on Craftsmanship

Perfection comes from passion

Craftsmanship guarantees quality. For fifty years ECCO shoes have been handmade down to every little detail. ECCO masters the fine balance between careful handwork and the newest technology. Our most valuable strength is the competence and experience of our skilled employees.

Direct Injection

Direct Injection is one of the secrets behind the renowned ‘instant fit' of ECCO shoes

Direct Injection Production or DIP is the core competence of the ECCO sole technology. Without using glue or stitching the strongest possible bond is achieved delivering unsurpassed durability and longevity.
See how we create our extremely lightweight and flexible soles with optimum comfort.