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Corporate - 04/01/2013

ECCO Donation Behind new Local Innovation Centre

ECCO has entered into cooperation with local educational institutions and Tønder municipality to establish a new innovation centre for the town and the youth of Tønder. The goal is to inspire and strengthen the youth to more creativity and to keep them in the region.

ECCO, who since the beginning in 1963, has based its business on innovation, now initiate a cooperation with Tønder municipality and the local educational institutions to build a new centre for innovation – an INNOVATORIUM.

This was revealed Thursday January 3, 2013 by Michael Hauge Sørensen, Chief Operating Officer in ECCO Sko A/S, in a New Year’s speech at the Tønder municipality city hall.

The goal is to inspire and strengthen the youth to more creativity, and provide them with stronger competences and greater cultural knowledge. The youth needs this in today’s global world and, likewise, the local business community needs the insights and creative manpower of the youth.

"We wish to establish a stronger foundation for the young people of Tønder to improve their skills, and ultimately assist in creating new growth and development in the municipality. The INNOVATORIUM is meant to inspire the youth to get educated in competencies that Denmark has to live off in the future - with innovation, development and creativity as a starting point," says Michael Hauge Sørensen.

ECCO suggests placing the INNOVATORIUM centrally next to the upcoming Tønder Campus on Plantagevej. The new INNOVATORIUM aims, together with local educational facilities – Tønder Gymnasium, Tønder Handelsskole & Handelsgymnasium, Erhvervsuddannelsescenter Syd og VUC Sønderjylland – to become a creative power house for innovation. 

"The INNOVATORIUM is an exciting and visionary project from which our young people can get great pleasure and benefit. And thus it will also benefit the whole region. When young people have opportunities to excel and grow locally, it benefits all of us. It's great that ECCO also in this aspect paves the way ahead, and it is encouraging that we are able to establish such a broad cooperation behind the development,” said Tønder Mayor Laurids Rudebeck.

As part of the donation ECCO will provide guest lecturer, and the business life of Tønder will also be able to make use of the centre. A steering committee is currently working to define the specific framework for and content of the project, which is expected to be commissioned in the beginning of 2014.

For more information please contact ECCO Group Communication, (+45) 74 91 12 22.

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