Product - 21/08/2013

ECCO Reaches Higher

ECCO is challenging the heights and presents the Sculptured 75. Higher. Thinner. And extremely comfortable.

The new ECCO Sculptured 75 collection raises high heel comfort to a new level combining the traditional craftsmanship with the latest technologies.

The collection is designed to meet the comfort and fashion demands of modern women.

“When we did the Sculptured 65 the response was very positive and the shoe was well received. After that everyone expected that we would do a Sculptured 45 since we already had the 35. But we didn’t. We went higher and I am very pleased with the result,” says Niki Tæstensen, Lead Designer Ladies’.

The 75 mm high heel combines the support of the best all-day walking shoes with the style of elegant heels. The result is the perfect fusion of soft comfort and contemporary silhouettes.

Sculptured 75 is based on ECCO’s groundbreaking Sculptured Comfort Technology, which makes it possible to create a high heel shoe with an anatomical last, a very soft, comfortable sole and  a soft, flexible heel.

ECCO Sculptured 75 launches in autumn 2013 with a collection of shoes, boots and booties in the season’s signature dark shades – including e.g. black, deep red and dusty blue.