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Corporate - 08/05/2013

ECCO Sets the Record in the World’s Largest Shoelace Mosaic

Guinness World Record CertificateECCO employees in Hong Kong have made it to Guinness World of Records with a hand-woven shoelace mosaic.

The shoelace mosaic is 4.5m wide, 1.35m tall and hand-woven with over 60,000 shoelaces – composing a collage of ECCO’s global sales locations.

The mosaic was revealed and completed during the grand opening of an ECCO store in central Hong Kong. 

More than 200 guests, fashion and entertainment media attended the opening and testified to the completion of the world’s largest shoelace mosaic. 

For the event, Kelly Chen, a Hong Kong renowned singer and actress, was invited as honourable guest to officiate the ceremony. 

Together with Regional Director of ECCO Asia Pacific, George Kahwati, Kelly completed the giant mosaic during the event by weaving in the final two shoelaces. 

The event was part of the global celebration of ECCO 50th Anniversary.