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Corporate - 18/06/2013

ECCO strongly condemns animal abuse

Over the past few days a debate about dressage competitions has taken place on the Internet that could lead readers to believe that ECCO supports animal abuse.

This is not the case.

ECCO has a long history of supporting the equestrian sport. We sponsor both national as well as international events, and it is a prerequisite for our agreement with the organisers, that the events are held in compliance with our values, with all rules and regulations, and we strongly condemn any abuse of animals.

We understand that questions about ethical training and warm-up methods have been debated in the equestrian world for years with opinions on either side. We as a company expect and trust that our partners – whom we support with sponsorships – are professionals that do what is necessary to prevent any abuse. We understand from a statement from the Danish Equestrian Federation that they share our concern for the welfare of horses.

Criticism has also been raised over photo and video restrictions at the FEI European Championships 2013. And it has been suggested that this was enforced to keep something out of the public eye.

This is clearly a misunderstanding.

Any spectator can take all the photos and videos they wish. And they can share it on social media such as Facebook if they so choose. The broadcasting restrictions are – the organisers tells us – exclusively directed at professional media in order to ensure a proper handling of the broadcasting rights, which are part of what pays for an event like this. They are not intended to prevent ordinary spectators from taking all the photos they want – and share.

We support the continued development of equestrian sports, and hope that the debate can continue based on facts.

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