Product - 25/03/2014

ECCO pushes core technology to launch new collection

The Danish shoe manufacturer takes its most advanced comfort technology and creates a collection of shoes for women that sets new standards for flexible, soft lightweight shoes in feminine design – introducing Dress Comfort.

To explain the breakthrough, you need to go into details. Four years ago, Lead Designer Niki Tæstensen challenged the technology of ECCO shoes. The result was Sculptured, which brought high heel comfort to women around the world on the platform of ECCO core technology: the direct injected sole.

This time the Danish shoemaker has pushed technology even further - challenging production, materials and designers.

More than meets the eye

“You can’t see it. You have to wear it. We have made the leather softer and the stitching finer while combining feminine shapes with the comfort of our core technology,” says Sine Løvendahl, Senior Product Manager Ladies Branding.

Direct injection is the core competence of ECCO sole technology. The upper is placed into a mould and the sole is injected under the upper. This process forms a watertight seal without using glue or stitching. The result is a light, feminine and flexible shoe that is ready to conquer the world with all day, everyday comfort in timeless Scandinavian design.

Dress Comfort styles include flats, sandals, heels and wedges.

Chasing perfection in details

ECCO is among the five biggest producers of high quality leather and provides a number of the world’s leading luxury brands with leather. For the Dress Comfort collection, ECCO has developed leather that is incredibly soft.

“Dress Comfort places demands on everything from our craftsmanship to the final touches. We are working with softer leather and finer thread. This challenges our production technology and showcases how ECCO lives and breathes innovation,” Sine Løvendahl explains while she bends her shoe to illustrate how flexible and light a shoe with direct injected sole is.

No glue is needed, which reduces weight. Like a sports car manufacturer chasing that extra power by reducing weight, down to the smallest bolt, ECCO has pushed boundaries to give women a soft, comfortable shoe without compromising on feminine and elegant Scandinavian design.

More options to explore

“Dress Comfort opens new doors to what can be done in production,” says Sine Løvendahl when asked to explain the impact of the new collection.

“This opens the door to options we are not even aware of at this moment. It’s like throwing a stone in the water; the possibilities spread like ripples,” she adds.

About ECCO
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