People - 16/06/2014

ECCO Leather takes on challenges

The Netherlands - Armed with creativity and curiosity 47 participants from around the world joins ECCO Leather in Dongen, the Netherlands, to work with leather.

The reason is the launch of Hot Shop 007 that sets out on a mission to deliver inspiration, new leathers, challenges and go beyond what we know about leather.
The participants are top designers, creative, developers and merchandisers from both inside the ECCO Leather client-network and outside.

“Creative people challenge us and when we are challenged – inspiration comes.  A challenge is key to innovation and creativity,” says Panos Mytaros, Executive Vice President, Global Production in ECCO.

During three days and more than 30 hours of creative collaboration, the participants produced over 100 leather samples. Together with a technician from ECCO Leather, they produced their own leather and wrote down the recipe on how to do it.

“Our heartfelt gratitude to all the creative people who joined us and shared their energy, ideas and inspiration with us. The concepts will now go on and further develop into actual leathers for real life applications,” says Panos Mytaros.

The ECCO Leather Hot Shops are recurring events that take place in the Netherlands, where ECCO Leather has state of the art facilities to work with and develop leather.
A Hot Shop event brings together creatives, developers, specifies and merchandisers in a 3-day laboratory, which allows participants to envision new leather directions and then work in integrated teams to make prototypes and sample new leathers, which reflect these visions.

You can read more about the ECCO Leather Hot Shops here:

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