Corporate - 03/04/2014

ECCO donation honoured with innovation award

The innovation centre that ECCO has donated to the town and youth of Tønder has been granted a Danish-German innovation award. The award is established to raise awareness about the opportunities and potential in the Danish-German region.

It is granted to the most innovative Danish and German entrepreneurs who have created value for the region through cooperation across the border.

“We are very honoured to receive this award, which is granted to projects that serves as role models in cross-border relationships. This is an external seal of approval to our project,” says Peter Norman, Vice President, Group Human Resources.

More creativity

In collaboration with local educational institutions and with Tønder municipality ECCO wants to create a house of innovation. A house that aims to inspire and strengthen the youth to more creativity, give them more competences and greater cultural knowledge.

“With this donation we wish to create new growth and development in the municipality. Furthermore to encourage and strengthen the collaboration between the students and the local business community,” says Peter Norman.

The first sod is being taken on 7 April.

The award was presented to Peter Norman and mayor of Tønder Laurids Rudebeck.

 “This project is considered to be an ideal initiative to grow and develop the collaboration between the public sector and private, innovative companies. Furthermore, we recognise the potential in this project to become a centre of excellence in the development of cross-border relationships,” the jury said.

Behind the price is South Denmark, the Chamber of Commerce in Flensburg (IHK Flensburg) Development Council NSW and the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Economy, labour, transportation and technology.

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