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Job Opportunities

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Our employees are our greatest resource and it is their commitment and drive that makes ECCO what it is today. We welcome dynamic and driven individuals to be a part of our family and share our vision in creating the world’s best shoe company. If you are interested in joining our innovative and passionate company, please take a look at our current job opportunities.

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Unsolicited applications
Unsolicited applications

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Meet our people
International Trainee, Holland

Ann Siu Ean Lim

Managing Director, Switzerland

Lindsay Anne Campbell

Brand Manager, Denmark

Mikkel Møller Jensen

General Manager, Australia

Morten Lauge Jensen

Regional Supply Coordinator, Denmark

Susan Bruhn Pedersen

Working at ECCO
Working at ECCO

We employ the best and brightest

ECCO people have a passion for what they do and a drive to achieve the very best. This passion and strive for innovation is what make us such a successful company. We believe in empowering our employees right from the beginning, and believe that every individual and every action can make a difference. We value individuals who act with a social conscience, think independently and take initiative. At ECCO, we invest in our people. Our ambition is to be a highly attractive workplace, providing employees with ongoing opportunities for professional training, constant challenges and internal mobility in a global network.

Leadership and Business

Be part of the success and join a business in growth

To run a global company we need people with an international mindset. Did you know that we have close to 20,000 employees with over 50 nationalities? Not only are we a global company, but ECCO truly is a global brand and carries a unique market position. We are a family-owned company and financially independent. Join a global business in growth and pave your way to success.

Products and technology

Get access to unique technology and material

Make it your own

ECCO is constantly challenging the boundaries of comfort, innovative shoe design and the market’s best quality. If you have the skills, we have the technology and material for you to make it your own. Did you know that ECCO is the only major shoe manufacturer to own its own tanneries and factories? This way we can control the entire chain from hide to High Street. Be part of setting the benchmark for others to follow.

Innovation and creativity

At ECCO design is the freedom to dream

What is your dream?

At ECCO, we constantly challenge technology to bring perfect fit and design innovations to life. We relentlessly pursue new ideas, higher standards and better ways of doing things. Our passion is the key to great shoes and whether you want to design them, produce them, market them, or brand them you can be part of making your ideas come to life. Did you know that stamping the logo under the sole was a powerful ECCO invention in the 1970s – which unique idea will you come up with?

Sales and retail

We want to be the best shoe company in the world

What is your ambition?

With strong products and marketing we give you the tools to do what you are passionate about. Selling is your world, and at ECCO you can reach your full potential. With our global succession and development programme we give you the opportunity to excel. Did you know that since 1963 we have sold over 350 million pairs of shoes? Join us and see if you can beat the record.

Career Development
Career Development

We’re inviting you to grow. Just bring passion

At ECCO, career development is a priority – and important to our success. We invest in our people and their development as leaders by providing you with challenging and rewarding opportunities for career growth. Developing your personal and professional competences will make you capable of stepping up the career ladder and seizing your full potential. Career development is an investment in you and in the future of our company – growth comes with passion.

Career Development

People Development

The more experience, knowledge and competences you have, the better equipped you are to make a difference. We work with you to reach your full potential and achieve career success, whether you are a student preparing to launch your career or an experienced professional ready to take the next step.

We value each and every person at ECCO as a unique individual, and therefore your development is ensured by a structured annual process. This enables you together with your leader to define a unique personal development plan, fostering individual growth and achievement in alignment with our business goals.

“During the annual performance reviews with my manager, we focus on my career, my personal goals and my motivation, as well as my strengths and development needs in a personalised plan. In fact, I had the opportunity to enter ECCO’s CBA programme as part of this development,” Group HR Consultant Thomas Rønhoff explains.

Career Development

Leadership Development

We offer a combination of training and work assignments to help our people at all levels continually develop effective leadership competences, regardless of their level in our organisation. We encourage our leaders to think differently in order to lead, motivate and inspire their teams and to take responsibility for the success of our organisation.

“My first position as a leader was both challenging and exciting. Today I am part of the talent management development program, which gives me a lot of support, coaching and competent feedback. In ECCO you quickly acquire responsibility and get to experience many different cultures by having colleagues from all over the world,” IT Development Manager Lise Støy Rodil says.

ECCO develops future leaders on a global basis. We show a strong commitment to develop our leaders through work assignments, on-the-job experience, and focused training and education. For our people who show an extraordinary potential, we offer focused leadership development programmes.


A Global Mindset

Our vision is to become the best shoe company in the world. To reach such an ambitious goal we need the best and brightest people - people with passion, ambition and the desire to make a difference as part of a global team.


Graduate Trainee

“My name is René Fonnesbech Thomsen. I am from Denmark and I completed the Graduate trainee programme in 2012.

Working at ECCO is a great experience that is highly challenging, and gives me the opportunity to develop personally as well as professionally. In ECCO, they are not afraid of giving responsibility to the trainees, which ensures that you will be involved in many interesting projects.

What I liked most about the programme is that it gave me such a broad perspective of ECCO as a company, and the entire value chain. Also, I liked the opportunity to gain international experience, learnt about other cultures, and developed a great network.

To be a trainee in ECCO you need to be a curious and responsible person, who likes to be challenged and who likes to work in a dynamic and international environment. Flexibility is another key word as you need to have the drive to try new things.”

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EITE Trainee

“My name is Yinan Wang. I am from China, and I completed the EITE trainee programme in 2013.

Working in ECCO is fantastic for a young beginner. The company has a unique and charming culture with a mix of professionalism and ease. I develop so much by working with people with a variety of backgrounds. It is a place where you can always find challenges and encouragement.

What I liked most about my trainee programme was travelling and experiencing new worlds, making friends and also performing in different business contexts, thereby giving me an opportunity to work at a multinational level with a global mindset. I am also grateful to have worked with so many inspirational mentors.

To be a trainee in ECCO, you need to have a very strong personal determination, a passion for experiencing different environments and trying new things, as well as a deep desire for learning and self development.”

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Specialist Programme

”My name is Ana Oliveira. I am from Portugal and I am currently on the Specialist trainee programme in 2D construction at ECCO.

Working in ECCO is educational, and everyone is very helpful. ECCO is a well known brand that performs well on comfort, quality and innovation, so it is a wonderful opportunity to learn with one of the best shoe companies in the world. As someone once said, “If you don’t learn it in ECCO, you won’t learn it anywhere”.

What I like the best about my trainee programme is the opportunity I get to learn from the best, to grow on a personal and professional level, meet people from everywhere, with different backgrounds, new cultures and countries, but most of all, I like the challenge. 

To be a trainee in ECCO, you need to have a will to learn and a passion for what you do. As you face challenges along the way, it is also important to have the courage to face these. Also, a smile and an open mind will get you far!”

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Design Programme

“My name is Hanna. I am from Germany and I completed the Design Trainee Programme in 2012. 
Working in ECCO I experience a very positive, international and open environment in which you get a great chance to grow as well as meet and work with many inspiring people. 

What I liked the most about my trainee programme was the fantastic opportunity I was given to travel and work within various cultures. Also, the programme gave me the opportunity to grow each day as I was constantly challenged.

To be a trainee in ECCO, you need to have passion and love what you do. You also need to be willing to face challenges, be open at all times, and learn to see things from different perspectives. At the same time, it will teach you to be patient and humble.”

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Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the ECCO Trainee Programme.

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ECCO is constantly challenging the boundaries of comfort, innovative shoe design and the market’s best quality. To continue our success we need to attract the very best talents – including students as they take the first steps on their career path.

If you wish to write your thesis in cooperation with ECCO or be an intern, please create your job profile under unsolicited applications. We will contact you if you are a match for a thesis project or an internship position. Your application will be saved for six months.

Also, keep an eye on vacancies under job opportunities (primarily in May and October), where we place our open internship positions.

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