Facebook 500k Likes
Corporate - 30/04/2013

500.000 Followers on Facebook

Thumbs up! ECCO reaches half a million likes on Facebook.
“Reaching 500,000 likes on Facebook is a huge milestone for us and a big step on the way in bringing the company closer to the consumer,” says Grimur Fjeldsted, Social Media Manager at ECCO.
The past six months ECCO has put a lot of energy in structuring social media efforts globally. 
“Equally important is that we stay authentic towards who we are as a brand, what we stand for, what we have to offer and where our strengths and weaknesses are – this is really important to our audience,” says Grimur Fjeldsted when asked to explain the success behind reaching 500,000 likes on Facebook.
“What stands out is the high level of engagement from our fans. 5 pct. of our fans are actually engaging with us. That is fairly high compared to competitors,” explains Grimur Fjeldsted.
That means that the ECCO fans are active on the page “liking”, “commenting” posts and posting images as well as questions.

But being present on Facebook is more than just likes.
“More important than sheer numbers is that we create relationships with communities of ECCO fans. Engaging with our fans provides us with insight to improve our business and drive value for our consumers,” says Grimur Fjeldsted.
To celebrate the milestone of half a million likes, a series of “thank-you” images are shared on Facebook to show gratitude and to be thankful for the engagement and support of the ECCO fans.

ECCO is besides Facebook present on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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