People - 11/06/2013

Checking in with Jesper Thuen

In March, ECCO employee Jesper Thuen decided to restart his career as professional golf player. We are checking in with Jesper Thuen to find out how life on the golf course is treating him.

How is the season so far?
“So far the season has been pretty good despite horrible weather in the spring. Results have been ok with a couple of Top10 and the game has been reasonable but not great. I am still waiting for everything to click. I practice as hard as I can; hopefully the hard work will pay off soon and I’ll get my first win.”  

You named the restart of your professional career mission impossible; what has been your biggest challenge so far? 
“Definitely patience. I want to play well and want to do it now but things takes time and I have to accept that. But they say that good things happen for those who try hardest and I definitely try very hard.” 

What has surprised you the most in returning to your professional career as a golfer? 
“No big surprises really. I was fully aware of what I was going in to and so far it has lived up to my expectations.”  

What is the best thing about being a professional golfer again? 
“The freedom of managing your own time and to be outside despite of weather haven’t been the best. I am enjoying every moment of it even though golf can be a very frustrating game at times.” 

What is your best advice for young talents that want to pursue a career within golf?
“Live your dream and work as hard as you can. The competition is very, very hard so you have to be extremely good if you want to make a living out of playing golf.” 

Jesper Thuen Jesper Thuen