ECCO Hot Shop
People - 17/07/2013

ECCO brings the creative world together in leather innovation

The Netherlands – Ideas and inspiration are flying through the air. Designers and technicians from leading luxury brands come to ECCO to learn more about leather and push the limits of leather design. Welcome to the ECCO Leather Hot Shop.

“The atmosphere is high-end creative. Attention to detail is huge and the vibe is premium but grounded. Amazing to have such an open atmosphere with people who would normally be too busy to collaborate,” says Michael Tremblay, Product Lead with Wade Brand, Li-Ning.

Beginning with a concept, the ideas are generated from professionals from all backgrounds.

“We invite various creative people - not only related to leather. That gives us a lot of insight and inspiration from different industries. Inspiration is the molecule of creation and inspiration drives the concept,” says Panos Mytaros, Executive Vice President, Global Production, ECCO and President ECCO Leather Group.

The concepts are further developed in R&D to create and finalise the look and the feel of the leather.

“The atmosphere is fun and challenging at the same time. I learned that it is really difficult to control all the different steps in making leather. You need to achieve the creativity of an artist and the precision of a technician to generate what you want,” says Sara Rosina, designer ECCO leather goods.

The ECCO Hot Shop that takes place in the Netherlands started with the idea to let leather creation evolve from a concept. 

“I did not believe in the traditional trend forecasts and wanted to challenge the concept,” says Panos Mytaros.

ECCO Hot ShopIn the Hot Shop ECCO inspires customers and designers with new styles, colours and patterns but inspiration goes both ways. Getting designers, technicians, customers and industry influencers engaged is part of the groundwork.

When asked what they are bringing home from the Hot Shop the reply is inspiration, better understanding of leather and production processes.

“It is very rare to find a supplier or factory that also prioritises the innovation on their side. Also rare to network outside one’s respective industry but true innovation often comes from outside the box. Creative energy is infectious and excitement comes from turning to a new page, creatively, through working with new and unexpected perspectives,” says Michael Tremblay.

The concepts and ideas generated from the Hot Shop will be used in the next 365 days to develop leathers for ECCO Accessories, ECCO shoes and for external partners.

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