Corporate - 28/05/2013

ECCO picking up speed in Portugal

ECCO’s shoe factory in Portugal is currently undergoing a thorough modernisation. The production capacity is targeted to surpass one million pairs of shoes in 2013, with a possibility to grow further in 2014. 

This marks a reopening of ECCO’s production in Portugal. The Portuguese bulk production was closed down in 2009 in light of increasing cost and fierce competition from Asia. Since then ECCO in Portugal has focused on research and development. The Portugal plant was established in 1984 as ECCO’s first production abroad.

The decision to reopen bulk production in Portugal has been taken in light of ECCO Portugal’s high degree of production flexibility, the fact that costs in Portugal have come down and finally to increase production capacity and flexibility close to ECCO’s European key markets. ECCO also has a shoe factory in Slovakia – in addition to its three Asian-based factories.

In order to support the upgrade of the factory ECCO is looking to hire approximately 200 new employees. Many skilled shoemakers that previously worked for ECCO Portugal, has already returned. Currently close to 600 people work in ECCO Portugal.

Today, ECCO Portugal has three main areas. The Research & Development team of 200 employees, Production with close to 400 employees and an IT-Service team of 10 workers.

The refitting project commenced in March 2013 and is expected to be completed in August 2014 with total investments closing in on EUR 4.5 million.

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