Corporate - 27/08/2013

ECCO supports homeless children

About 4.7 million children in Indonesia are orphaned.  ECCO reaches out to these children by supporting SOS Children’s Villages.

“For us, this project represents family values, ECCO values. ECCO believes in the rights of the child, the individual, care,” says Vivi Okholm, Manager Global Sponsorship & Events.

In addition to the Danish Heart Foundation, ECCO Walkathon is supporting the SOS Children's Villages organisation in Indonesia that works to provide a home, family and education for young people.

“Through SOS we not only help individual children but also support long-term development of families in the local communities and make it possible for these young people to lead healthy and independent lives,” says Vivi Okholm.
An SOS Children's Village offers a permanent home in a family-style environment to children who have lost their parents or can no longer live with them. Children of different ages live together with their SOS mother in a family house, and eight to fifteen SOS families form a village community.
“Thanks to the generous support from ECCO, SOS Children’s Villages can help some of the most vulnerable children in Indonesia to a happy childhood, a quality education and a future,” says Kasper Kanstrup, head of programme and partnerships, SOS Children's Villages.
Village schools, medical centres, vocational training and social programmes help hundreds of vulnerable families in the local community.
“In the SOS children’s village in Semarang, 98 orphaned children currently grow up in a loving family environment, and in the local community surrounding the children’s village, 235 of the most vulnerable families are receiving help so that they can care for their children,” says Kasper Kanstrup.

ECCO’s contribution

ECCO Walkathon donations will be divided between two initiatives:

ECCO House
A home in the Semarung village for a surrogate mother and approximately12 children

SOS Family Strengthening Programme
Practical support focusing on health, care and education, both inside and outside the village

Children in Indonesia

  • An estimated 20% of the population – or more than 50 million people – live on less than a dollar a day
  • Poverty is the primary reason that many children do not attend school
  • About 7% of children aged 5-14 are engaged in child labour
  • About 4.7 million children are orphaned
Read more about SOS Children’s Villages' family programmes at