Niki Tæstensen
People - 16/10/2013

Five Fast Facts with designer Niki Tæstensen

This Autumn ECCO launches the Sculptured 75 from the hands of designer Niki Tæstensen. We have met him for five fast facts.

Five Fast Facts

What is the best advice that you have been given?
“Learn the craftsmanship.”

Which ECCO-shoe is your favourite?
“I don’t have a favourite but a relationship with all of them.”

How many pairs of shoes do you have?
“Many! And probably more than my wife; even though she is keeping up the pace just fine. No one makes a comment when one of us enters the house with a new pair of shoes.”

 What are you, so far, most proud of?

“My daughter.”

Which three belongings are the most important to you?
“When I can’t say my family it will have to be my Jaguar E-Type from 1969, a picture that my wife has painted for me and a shoes ruler made of brass that my grandfather gave me.”