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Corporate - 26/06/2013

Plus energy solution in ECCO’s new circular hotel

Using advanced and innovative green technology, ECCO’s Conference Centre in Denmark produces a surplus of energy. See the video.

ECCO’s new and circular hotel in Denmark has been built to be sustainable, energy efficient and eco-friendly. Not only is the building self-sufficient with energy, it produces enough energy to also contribute to the consumption of the initial conference centre adjacent to the new building.

"We strive to think and act in sustainable solutions wherever in the world we operate. Therefore, it was only natural for us to build the hotel extension to ECCO’s conference centre as a plus energy building that produces its own energy,” says Jørgen Kristiansen, Facility Manager at ECCO.

The design of the building is optimised in every way. The high-efficiency equipment, extra insulation, high-efficiency windows and natural ventilation lower the heating and cooling needs of the building significantly.

“We have chosen a flexible solar solution that can keep the house rhythm and move the energy to where it is needed. The system is, among other things, configured to deliver 100 hot showers in half an hour. The system can also handle a low number of guests without wasting a lot of energy,” says Jørgen Kristiansen.

You can experience ECCO’s CEO and the architect explaining the background and concept of the new hotel on video here.

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With its Scandinavian and modern design the ECCO Conference Centre reflects the core values and proud traditions of ECCO’s brand DNA.

50 luxurious hotel rooms are designed to allow maximum daylight and provide a panoramic view of the landscape for an optimal sense of freedom.

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