Winter Running Tips
Sports - 20/11/2013

Winter Running Tips from Ambassador Matt DeBole

A former collegiate All-American distance runner, ECCO Ambassador Matt DeBole followed his passion for running and helping athletes into physical therapy school. Currently finishing his doctoral degree, Matt’s dream job is to rehab athletes (runners in particular) to perform to the best of their abilities. Here he shares some winter running tips on how to stay healthy in the cold, snowy months ahead.
  1. Wearing the right amount of clothing - It seems as though in the winter, I tend to bundle up a bit too much and end up regretting it just 10 minutes into the run. Remember that you're going to be cold when starting your run, but will start to thaw about 10 minutes in. If you're having trouble finding the right balance on a particular day, make sure to have a layer you can remove and toss behind a tree to retrieve later. 
  2. Adjust your mileage - It might not seem like a big deal, but when the air gets colder, so does the ground. Whether it’s the asphalt or your favorite dirt trail, the ground will not be absorbing as much of the impact with each step. In the cold, the shock absorption abilities of the materials in your shoe will decrease. Combine these things with tighter muscles and you have a recipe for injury. Back off on the mileage if a week or two is scheduled to be particularly cold.