Corporate - 01/09/2014

ECCO Walkathon defies cloudburst

Nine thousand participants walked from Kastellet and through Copenhagen to support SOS Children’s Villages and Børnehjertefondens charity projects. ECCO donates 7,50 DKK per walked kilometer and Sunday’s walk collected a total of 600.000 DKK.

The money goes to children with incurable heart disease and to SOS Children’s Village in Semarang.

This year’s ECCO Walkathon kept the children in focus. The routes were built like a 'walk wiki', where Børnehjertefonden and SOS Children’s Villages taught through play. You could for example try to walk with a tub on your head, as children do in many developing countries. You could also do ‘Turbo-run’ or ‘Zig-zag’, which was Børnehjertefondens way of showing the kids, how important exercise and physical activity is - not just for heartchildren but for all children.
The participants could this year choose between the traditional 6 and 10 km routes and as something new, a special Gourmet-route at 10 km was available this year. The Gourmet route is developed in collaboration with Copenhagen Cooking.

You can participate in ECCO Walkathon again in Kolding on 11 October.
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