Hanni Toosbuy Kasprzak

Chairman of the Supervisory Board since June 1996.
Born: 1957

Business Career

Joined the family company straight out of school
1978/79 Quality controller, ECCO in India
1979 Returned to ECCO HQ and worked in different departments and functions
1997 Took over majority ownership of ECCO Sko A/S and has controlled the Group ever since

Owner of the ECCO Group
ECCO Sko A/S (C)
ECCO Holding (C)
ECCO USA Inc., ECCO EMEA BV and ECCO Asia Pacific Ltd. (C)
The Toosbuy Foundation (BM)

Management assignments with other companies

Sydbank (VC)

(C) Chairperson (VC) Vice Chairman (BM) Board Member