Let's Play

A golf shoe should be the most comfortable shoe you wear. After all, how you feel can make all the difference to how you play. ECCO Golf Shoes are designed to ensure that you have more energy for every shot. And that you enjoy a pleasant walk, no matter, if you win or lose.


Enjoy a pleasant walk

  • Superior Support

    Our golf shoes are build to support all 26 bones, 32 muscles and 112 ligaments in your foot.

  • Fresh Feet

    Your walk in a pair of ECCO Golf Shoes should feel as fresh on the 18th green as it did on the 1st tee. 

  • Perfect fit

    You never need to break in a pair of ECCO Golf Shoes, since they are build to deliver comfort right out of the box. 


Take a walk with pro's

Some of the world’s greatest golfers play in ECCO Golf Shoes. On average, they walk nearly 6 miles over an 18-hole round. And they need an immense amount of energy to perform on every green. Our shoes help them minimise the effort required for every step.


Introducing ECCO CAGE

Our most stable, comfortable spiked shoe. Ever. A breakthrough in golf shoe design. A revolution in style and function.


Clean Care & Protect your Golf Shoes

Gear up, Golfers!

The right gear can make you feel more comfortable and motivated on the green. ECCO can provide you with anything from gloves and belts to bags and caps.