Make the world your gym

Ecco Biom Fjuel

The new ECCO BIOM FJUEL allows you to exercise more naturally – so, step outside and make the world your gym. Work out as nature intended. 

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Welcome to the gym

Exercise naturally

Biom® is modelled from

2500 Athletes' feet


How we made it

We scanned 2,500 athletes' feet to construct the optimal anatomical fit that matches nuances and curves of all feet.

How it feels

BIOM technology provides a lightweight flexibility and ensures a supremely comfortable fit that mimics the motion of bare feet.

How it works

BIOM Natural Motion frees you to move efficiently and powerfully, encouraging your feet and lower legs to strengthen with every step.

What is Biom®?

BIOM means "biomechanical optimization"; a technique to make the foot activate its own natural systems for shock absorption and motion.

A shoe for every outdoor gym

  • ECCO BIOM FJUEL for fitness

    Built for daily workouts inside and outside the gym in versatile terrain like forest paths, gravel and pavement.

  • ECCO TERRATRAIL for trail running

    Built for trail running and fast outdoor activities in versatile terrain like pavement and urban parks with gravel and leaves. 



  • ECCO BIOM DELTA for light hiking

    Built for active outdoor summer adventures, camping and light hiking on versatile surfaces like rocks, stones, forest paths, gravel and sand.