Taking breathability to new heights

Experience the 360°climate control

The ultra lightweight ECCO COOL adds a whole new dimension to the concept of climate control for your feet. A 360° breathable experience – no matter, what weather you find yourself in.

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The ultimate waterproof and breathable shoe

  • Airflow

    Gore-Tex® Surround ensures a constant flow of air and a healthy climate inside your shoes

  • Breathability

    Visible venting holes in the entire outsole provide increased breathability

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  • Waterproof

    The GORE-TEX® technology keeps your feet dry and comfortable – no matter the weather

Explore the coolness from every angle

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  • Gore-tex

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    A highly breathable, 100% waterproof membrane layered into leather uppers or laminated to textiles inside the upper, before carefully sealed. Makes ECCO Outdoor shoes more durable, and keeps feet dry and comfortable on all adventures.

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  • YAK

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    Very unique, individual look rarely found in other leathers. Known for its strong markings and natural characteristics. Extremely strong, with excellent abrasion resistance, allowing a  much thinner cutting to reduce weight and increase breathability.